Cutting-edge expertise in sterile and disinfection equipment

Life science, pharma and Intensive care

About us


MECQ Is a company whose main purpose is to offer larger already established organizations a fast-footed partner with cutting-edge expertise in life sciense, pharma and intensive care. The founder of the company has over 20 years of experience in sterile and disinfection equipment.

A world wide field of work

We endeavour to constantly be at the forefront and to have adequate training in everything we do. Over the years, we have acquired a wide network of different companies and experts in the areas Mecq operates. 

We are doing jobs in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and in USA. Since we're not a manufacturing company, our entire focus is delivering a service that is without hesitation one of the better on the market. 

MECQ as a partner

No assignment is too small or too large and we engage 100% regardless of size or customer. When choosing us as a partner, you should be sure that you get full focus and that the expertise we bring is adequate for the asigment. Quality is what our customers should expect and also what we expect from ourselves.

Our services

  • Service of autoclaves and disinfectors and tunnelrackwashers and robotics
  • Calibration of temp and pressure probes
  • Steam qualification according to EN 285’
  • Installation, start-up and qualification of sterile technical equipment
  • Repeated performance quality tests
  • Service validation on sonic irrigators
  • Service low temp autoclaves hvp
  • Service isolators and hvp equipment
  • Removal and reinstallation of existing equipment
  • Process optimization
  • Derouging of autoclaves and stainless steel piping systems.


We work exclusively with certified and approved measuring equipment according to industrial standards

Our cooperation partners


We offer cutting-edge expertise in sterile and disinfection equipment for life sciense, pharma and intensive care.


MecQ Mälardalen AB 
Arenavägen 1 
645 45 Strängnäs 


Rikard Carlberg - CEO

Magnus Björklund - COO/Service Manager

Helen Bjarnestad - Business Controller
Elina Trogstam - Office Coordinator

☎️ 0152 - 444 000